About us

Hawk Cricket was established in 1996, by brothers Robert and Michael.

In 2004 Hawk joined forces with Bernie Facer of Double B bat makers, bringing over 40 years experience and knowledge of willow, which put him in the top handful of bat makers in the world. Over the next 6 years Bernie passed on his expertise and craftmanship to Robert and Michael. Before he retired, to take up the challenge of the golf course.

Our aim is simple, to make the finest cricket bats, from the very best English Willow, sourced from J S Wright, Essex (www.cricketbatwillow.com) and supply highest quality soft leather goods and cricket equipment for the committed cricketer.

Hawk cricket operates on a personal basis and welcome customers and visitors to their workshop, and to browse in their recently opened Pavilion shop.

Hawk Cricket combines traditionally handcrafted bench work with advanced technical methods to produce; what we feel is the best foundation for a cricket bat. Bench work and skilled finishing remain highly important to us, to create light pick ups with the modern shape cricket bat. Every blade is pressed individually to achieve optimum performance.

The handle is precisely constructed, using cane, cork/rubber and adhesive. It is then turned and fitted to the bat, set slightly forward to follow the natural bow of the blade. The handle is left oval for grater feel.

The five star finish is achieved by 6 grades of sanding, buffing and finally linseed waxing, before the high gloss labels are fitted.

This hand crafted masterpiece leaves the workshop for use on the village green or full test arena.

Now in our second decade, we remain a family business, with the next generation already learning the skills.